The PAMM/MAM investors can link up there account to any Profitable PAMM/MAM account and take advantage of the Trading skills/ system of the PAMM/MAM Manager.

Our PAMM/MAM system Publishes Manager ratings with the following information below:

  • Returns On investment
  • Risk/Drawdown
  • Trading Duration
  • Minimum Capital investment
  • Profit Sharing.

Our PAMM/MAM ratings shows detailed information about each trader that helps potential investors make Informed decision about the PAMM/MAM account to Invest In.

PAMM/MAM Investors: investors from any where in the world can invest in the PAMM/MAM account, all you have to do is to Open an Account with GIC Markets, go over to the PAMM/MAM ratings Page and Choose the PAMM/MAM account that suits your investment GOAL and Objectives.

Advantages of PAMM/MAM Account

  • Little/No Trading Knowledge is Involved
  • Easy To Setup
  • Profitable investment Option

Successful and Profitable traders can setup a PAMM/MAM account with GIC Markets and have there performance Published for the Public.

Good Trading performance Can Attract Multiple investors across the globe and you can set the commission you want to earn with Your PAMM/MAM Account.

With Our PAMM/MAM account System You can Manage Multiple Accounts of different investor from one Master account, we take care of the hard work, Profit calculation, Profit sharing etc for you, while you concentrating on Trading.

Advantage for PAMM/MAM Managers

  • Show Case Your trading Performance
  • Get access to Manage Multiple accounts from Different Part of the world
  • We take care of the technology for you
  • Easy To Setup.
  • Profit Sharing.

GIC Markets is offering Skillful traders an opportunity to showcase there performance with 4000 usd, we give you our money to show the public how good you are, with this you can generate good performance that will attract the public and you can begin to get investment into your own PAMM/MAM Account with us.

Note You cannot Withdraw Any Profit From the 4000 USD, but you can invest your own money equally into your PAMM/MAM account and withdraw profits made from your Accounts.